WAS THIS UNDERSTANDING LATER CHANGED If yes what were the changes and when and why were they made If yes what did you say to each other about how long you would live together Form SSA-754-F4 06-2012 EF 06-2012 Destroy Prior Editions Page 1 OVER 8. SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION Form Approved OMB No. 0960-0038 Do not write in this space TOE 420 STATEMENT OF MARITAL RELATIONSHIP By one of the parties All items on this form requiring an answer must be answered or marked Unknown. I understand...
marital relationship

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From Los Angeles it's better this time Mikey show God and now here he is like it thank you for tuning into the town like his show this is where America gets together to talk about the issues of youth really care about it's a different kind of a radio talk program we're the radio talk show that is not hosted by a right-wing wacko or a convicted felon now I am your home I got our toll-free telephone number you're gonna need any 2805 a Tatar 1 805 808 66 thank you for tuning in thanks being part of my program we appreciate it you know we talk on this show a lot about relationships end the relationship called marriage when I ask people why they get married and again it's not like I've been single all my life you know I've been married and divorced four times by the way that fourth divorce in case there was ever any doubt about it is final I am not married I am not separated I am NOT a strange i am divorce he's official the paperwork finally got stamped now finally I don't have to pretend to be free I am free no longer am i living in sin when I am inserting my penis into a woman now I can do it with a clear conscience because you know me I felt dirty going out with women knowing that my papers haven't been stand so now I have a completely free man free to do whatever I like anytime I like not that I wasn't doing it already but now I'm free to do it and not to have to worry about what people will say not that I ever worried about what they say so finally in case you were wondering I'm now a free man anything I do from here on in I am free to do no longer will people look at me as wearing the scarlet letter thank you for your support and that the deal here is I asked you when you tell me you're Mary and I asked why did you get married and the reason I ask this quest is not because I'm better than you cuz I've been married and divorced the reason i ask is i'm curious by other people do it maggot sit here all day and i'm not gonna waste anybody's time again talking about why I did it I'm sick of talking about Franklin fine hey I know there's always people weren't paying attention the last time I talked to mama or who were too busy to tune in the 40 times I talked about every element of my married life over the years but I do ask you when you call in why you're getting married especially if you're younger I said why do you get married and the number one answer I get the number one answer is security I get married because i want the security of a relationship i get married because i want the security that marriage brings why would any man say that man does not get security from marriage women do you know why because most women have saved no money invested nothing oh no property unless they inherited it don't own a nice car unless they can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch most women come into relationships in debt and the reason they come in in debt is because they've been spending money on shoes purses clothing tips with the girls to cabo and what have...